Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Top Ten Tuesday - Superheroes

I'm pleased to see that the movie based on one of my favourite superheroes as a kid, Iron Man, is doing well at the box office. I always felt Iron Man was one of the better heroes.

It took an estimated $101m (£51m) in its opening weekend in the US and Canada becoming one of only 10 films to have broken the $100m barrier in its first three days.

So then, it seems that we still remain captivated by the figures who captured our imaginations all those years ago. To celebrate the release of Iron Man I thought I'd devote this week's top ten list to my favourite superheroes. So then without further ado...

1. Superman - Yes he can be a bit squeaky clean as a character but, for me anyway, Superman remains the king of all superheroes. I also believe the first Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve remains the best superhero movie ever made.

2. Batman - It's hard for me to choose between two and three but I'll give the nod to Batman due to the early Michael Keaton movies which were top notch in my view. I must admit however I wasn't too fond of the Christian Bale effort 'Batman Begins'. Maybe it was that horrible suit. Still, Batman is a great character with many layers, and perhaps the best adversaries. Plus he has a great car to boot.

3. Spider-man - Spidey of course doesn't need a car as he's got his webs. I still have my Spider-man action figure that I had as a boy and Spider-man remains a favourite of mine. A bit of a loser as Peter Parker but a great servant to New York ciry as the red and blue web-slinger.

4. The Incredible Hulk - The alter ego of Bruce Banner in the comic books but named David Banner in the TV series (according to creator Stan Lee this was because they thought Bruce sounded too gay), The Hulk is a brilliant superhero. The bad guys didn't like it when he was angry but everyone else did. The recent movie was a disappointment.

5. Iron Man - I haven't seen the movie yet but I intend to. Iron Man is the alter ego of Tony Stark. In the comic books he suffered from an alcohol problem which was unusual for a superhero. I'm not sure if that's the case in the film though. Top hero.

6. Captain America - Cap was a superhero who played his part in cheering up the American people, and indeed their troops, during World War 2. Captain America took the fight to Adolf Hitler and you have to respect him for that. Great costume too. There was a low-budget movie made about Captain America around 15 years ago which was just diabolical. I've no idea if they are planning another movie but I think they should do one.

7. X-Men - Yes I know I'm cheating here by lumping them all in together but I'm not crazy about them as individuals. Together though I think Wolverine, Cyclops and co are excellent. Far better than the Fantastic Four in my opinion. I was never into them.

8. Wonder Woman - She's definitely the sexiest superhero and she does a twirl and everything.

9. Blade - The vampire-hunter has to make my list. Really cool hero and the movies were good too...well, the first one was.

10. The Flash - Super speed doesn't seem like an exciting ability but I was always impressed with The Flash. Love the costume too. There needs to be a movie on this hero as well.

So there you go. My top ten favourite superheroes of all time. Feel free to comment on the list or maybe come up with your own one.


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