Monday, May 15, 2006


Make power-sharing work - Taoiseach

Make things work please! Well today's the day.

Political parties in the North will meet today to try to restore devolution within six weeks and according to the Taoiseach, this could be their last chance to do so for 20 years.

The parties have been given an ultimate deadline of November 24 by the British and Irish governments and according to Mr Ahern, major issues like IRA criminality, paramilitarism and arms decommissioning are now resolved and should no longer block talks between republicans and unionists:

"It is a major achievement, I think, to get there and I’m very happy we’re there.

"For the first time since 2002, we’ve achieved the resolution of so many issues that have bedevilled us for 30 years or even for 130 years.

"We have to get through the formalities and move it on in a positive way."

The Taoiseach stressed that enough time had been spent already:

"Now is the hour. Tony Blair and I are two realistic guys who have spent a total of 20 years on this. We’ve got it to here.

"I think November is too long but I went with the compromise.

"To go any longer will just be a nonsense. It will be unworkable and will flake away.

"If we can’t do it in six months, then we’re unlikely to do it this side of the next 20 years."

The real question of course though is if things aren't resolved, what form of rule will Ireland's north be left with? How far will 'Joint Stewardship' go if the parties fail to find agreement?

I hope that Joint Stewardship will ultimately prove unnecessary but I don't believe Paisley's DUP possess the courage to embrace devolution.

I think if all parties can get through today without engaging in a riot or some other scandal then we will have ourselves a somewhat encouraging start.

Let's see what happens.


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