Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A time to reflect...

Difficult issues aheadFirst and foremost I want to say thank you to those of you who left me kind comments and to those of you who emailed me over the last few days. In relation to my brief time away, I would say that I feel certain people read a little too much into my decision to take some time off from blogging. For example, I was quite surprised and amused to hear my hiatus attributed to, quote, "stress". I can assure you all that I have never felt under stress in all the time I have blogged and that if silly arguments that didn't lead anywhere stressed me out, I would have ended this blog months ago! It was a bit disappointing to see people take these kind of pot-shots at me but that is their right I suppose.

To reiterate, the reason I took some time off was because I had some personal things in my life that needed my undivided attention. They have largely been dealt with now.

The break from the blog was beneficial for me in the sense that it gave me time to reflect on how I have handled the site. I would say that I am satisfied with the content that I have produced but I do feel there were times when I allowed myself to be goaded into arguments that weren't really worth my while pursuing. I like to think of myself as the kind of guy who is honest and sincere and who defends his position doggedly and earnestly. However, I feel there were times when I became too involved in emotive arguments and times when I should have just shown a bit of humility rather than let myself become hot-tempered.

This site has grown alot in recent months and now has alot of regular commentators but I feel that the line between the blog - United Irelander - and the blogger who writes it - United Irelander - is becoming ever blurrier. It's almost as if certain people are more interested in tackling me than the actual posts I've written and that they try and argue with me personally rather than what is actually presented in front of them. I have always felt a blogger should communicate with his/her audience so I don't feel the answer is to simply refuse to engage with people, but I do think at certain points a bit of humility on my part would have gone a long way and times when I should have just bitten my lip.

I won't apologise though for the forceful way I put forth my views nor for the passionate way I often protect them but I will say that as not only the writer of this site but also the owner, moderator and indeed editor, there were times when I should have shown more thoughtfulness. I should be setting an example being the guy who runs the place rather than engaging in petty, futile bickering. I'll try to do better in future.

I need to remember that the pot-shots certain people take at me are a sign that United Irelander is challenging mindsets and that I should look on it as a source of pride rather than allow it to bother me. I will endeavour to turn the other cheek from now on when faced with those who seek to get personal with me.

If you think this means that the content of United Irelander will mellow down too however,think again. There might not be as much pettiness and silliness but you better believe there will be difficult issues faced. In case you haven't realised, the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising is looming and it's my aim to have this site as the number one Irish nationalist blog when that time draws near. I have some exciting ideas for when things get into full swing so that United Irelander will be the number one blog to visit.

United Irelander rises soon. Emotive issues will be confronted, viewpoints will be tackled, positions will be challenged and the gauntlet will be thrown down.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride, folks. Are you sure you're up for it?


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