Friday, March 03, 2006


Fun Irelander Feature - Snow

Top of the morning, etc What's the deal with all this snow we're getting here in Ireland? Isn't this supposed to be Spring? I'm not sure how long this cold snap is going to last but wouldn't it be weird if it snowed on St Patrick's Day? Has that ever happened before in this country? Some clever clogs out there knows the answer to that I'm sure!

Snow isn't universally liked of course, my dog isn't too fond of it let me tell you, but I must confess to being a big fan of the snow. It doesn't happen that much here in Ireland, well not in Dublin anyway, so when it does occur I find it pretty exciting.

After all, snowy days give us memories to last a lifetime.

I remember for example when I was nine or ten hitting this girl in the face with a snowball and making her upset because apparently "it had a stone in it".

Plus there was the time when I was a kid and my father and I had a snowball fight where he absolutely blasted me in the face, smack-dab in the eye, causing me to cry about it to my mother while he laughed his arse off at me.

Or the great day when I went in to school one snowy morning only to be told by the Vice-Principal that the heating wasn't working and that we were thus off for the day. We ran out of that schoolyard faster than an Orange Order member runs out of a Catholic ceremony.

So many memories...

Alas, it doesn't seem like the current snowfall will stick unfortunately but at least it makes the scenery that little bit more beautiful.

I think that's something we can all appreciate. Except my dog.


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