Saturday, February 25, 2006


All-Ireland league possible - FAI

Hard work? Yeah right!Very interesting news indeed from FAI Chief Executive John Delaney (pictured left).

He has claimed that an All-Ireland league is a possibility, but only if clubs from both sides of the border are in favour of it.

The ongoing success of the Setanta Sports Cup has led to suggestions that an All-Ireland League could happen and Delaney admitted that such a venture would be supported by the FAI if the Clubs want it.

Delaney said: "My view in life is do what the members want. If the clubs want that, then we'll look at it.

"I think in life you have to crawl, walk run. I know the talk of an all island league was in the Genesis Report, that's a bit away yet. We have an all island tournament at the moment."

Ah yes the Genesis Report. I'm sure that will fully implemented right around the time the Bertie Bowl is given the go-ahead, eh?

I favour the idea of an all-Ireland league but I am highly sceptical that the FAI are serious about it. It might involve too much work and we know how the FAI reacts to hard work - or rather how they don't.

Still, it is a good concept and hopefully clubs from both sides of the border will take it under consideration.


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