Saturday, November 12, 2005


NI's citizens second-best to the rest

I came across the following courtesy of Jefferson Davis over on his blog.

- NI has the lowest salary wages of any other region in the UK; in fact, the national average is £22,411 and NI is £17,366.

- The north of Ireland's cost of living is 4.9% less than the national average, but that does not cover the low wages.

- In addition, the NI elite civil servants have an average salary of £100,000 plus expenses.

Says Jefferson:

"I’ve always wondered why the Northern Irish are always rioting, I have a good understanding now. This is pure bunk."

It's not a great endorsement of NI is it? Is NI really working for the people of the North?

To unionists I ask, why play second fiddle to the rest of the inhabitants of the UK who, if opinion polls are anything to go by, don't really care whether you're part of their country or not, when you can join in with your fellow Irishmen in the south and create a new state where you are wanted and welcomed and where you can offer your families a greater quality of life?

Why let the Brits regard you as the spongers of the United Kingdom when your compatriots in the island of Ireland see you as an integral part of a reunified Ireland?


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