Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Love Ulster - The tour!

Oh happy days! Those fun-loving, kind and caring scamps from Love Ulster could be going on tour! Believe it, baby!

Apparently Love Ulster are going to be rocking venues around the North as well as in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and my own home town of Dublin.

I may actually have the opportunity of seeing the folks from Love Ulster live! The bands are meant to be crazy and I've heard Dawson Bailie is great a cappella. We might even see those 2,000 groupies make the trip down. Boo yah!

What we really need to know though is whether or not the tour contains Love Ulster's most renowned songs...

Can't get you out of my estate

Irish-American Idiot

Drug Bootylicious

Another Brick in the Window

No (Catholic) Woman No Cry

Rocket (Launcher) Man

We Gotta Get Out of this Place (sharpish)

If so, then this tour is not to be missed! Rock on dudes!


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