Saturday, November 12, 2005


Googlism + maca = Hilarity

Hey I've come across my new favourite thing on the internet - Googlism!

Ladies and gents I give you the best of United Irelander contributor and editor of Raiméis, maca:

maca is an adaptogen herb
maca is available for menopause
maca is the herb for menopause
maca is used for menopause (Seriously maca, whats with you and the menopause?!)
maca is not viagra™
maca is nature's gift to men (I knew it!)
maca is often overlooked (Not today!)
maca is used to improve impotence (?!)
maca is a food (Eh?!)
maca is your answer to increased sexual enjoyment (Ooh er!)
maca is a valuable commodity (He sure is!)

I won't pick on maca alone though how about some things on A Tangled Web's Plastic Paddy Andrew McCann?:

andrew mccann is a culmination of fine talents and expertise in lawn irrigation (Wow, who knew?!)
andrew mccann is a 16 year old high school student who expects to earn $6 (Ah that explains alot!)

And last but by no means least, I give you the dirt on Slugger O'Toole's Pete Baker:

pete baker is indeed part of the programming team and you can catch him weekday evenings 7
pete baker is wondering why anyone would lock him into a jiffy john
pete baker is currently working in the soft porn industry in la (altogether now - LOL!)

Googlism - it's gonna be huge I'm tellin' ya!


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