Monday, February 14, 2005


Monday Madness-Irish Republican Army

I support the IRA.No,I haven't become a Shinner,I'm referring to the IRA which fought in the War of Independence from 1919-1921.I do not support the Provisional IRA and I have nothing but contempt for this organisation which has sullied the name of the original organisation which fought for Irish freedom.The Provos have disgraced the IRA of Collins' day and they are not even true republicans.They are sectarian murderers.
The IRA are holding this peace process to ransom.They now think they can threaten me and my compatriots and my government just because things aren't going their way.I find this revolting.

Do McGuinness,Adams and their thick supporters really believe that in 100 years time,Irish schoolchildren will open up their history books and look at pictures praising IRA men in balaclavas?If so,they are deeply mistaken.
Personally,I am amazed that there are many nationalists who don't make a distinction between this version of the IRA and the one of the early 20th century.To me,there's a vast difference,especially since times change and attitudes evolve.

I live in a country that can't even praise the organisation which founded the country due to the disgraceful usurpation of the organisation's name.It is shameful.
The Provos will never have my support as I pledge my allegiance to the Irish Republic and I pledge my allegiance to the IRA of the early Twenties.


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